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The preparation contains ingredients such as nettle extract, which helps to inhibit baldness and helps maintain the proper condition of the hair and skin. There is also field horsetail, vitamin E, zinc, biotin and collagen protein hydrolate. Thanks to such a mixture, your hair will certainly be in great condition and visibly stronger. Don't wait until you've completely lost your hair and start therapy with Follixin.



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Follixin has been tested and also approved in over 20 countries! Thanks to the fact that its operation has been tested in various environments and conditions, and it complies with very restrictive European standards, you can be sure that it is a safe product. In addition, this product has many positive opinions of men who decided to start the treatment.

Follixin has already helped hundreds of men around the world, so it is worth ordering and finding out that it is an effective remedy for hair growth.

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Hair loss can become everyone's nightmare, whether we are male or female, elderly or very young. Having healthy, thick and shiny hair is very important for our appearance, but also for our psyche. There are about 100-150 thousand hairs on a person's head, and on average 100 of them fall out every day. On the other hand, if we lose more than 100 hairs a day, we can talk about hair loss. So why does our hair fall out? What are the causes of hair loss and how to prevent them? Hair color and age are of great importance to your overall hair count. While red hair has fewer hairs, more people have blonde hair. While a baby has an average of about 1,100 hair follicles at birth, this number drops to 600 as the baby grows.

What functions does hair perform in the body? Although we perceive hair primarily in terms of aesthetics, its role in the body is not limited to aesthetics. The main function of the hair on the human head is to maintain the heat and water balance, protecting the skull from external influences. Considering that each hair is also a sensory body, the sensations of feeling pressure, temperature or pain are also their merit.

The hair is very strong and durable. Even so, the average lifespan of a hair strand is four years. As we already know, it is normal to lose an average of 100 hairs a day. Hair falling out after washing and combing is the one that has ended its life cycle. New hair on a person's head grows up to 8-10 weeks. So what can be done to slightly accelerate the growth of this new hair? Should we immediately reach for hair loss supplements when losing more hair? Or maybe hair loss pills would be more effective? We do not have to resort to such activities immediately, because the human body is truly extraordinary. While each strand of hair has its own growth rate and fallout time, the hair also has excellent "coordination" with each other. Thanks to it, we often avoid baldness in one place, because the hair does not grow and fall out at the same pace. The use of various types of enhancers (hair conditioners, conditioning oils, etc.) will not have a major impact on the growth cycle, and e.g. a popular method of purposefully shortening the hair will neither strengthen nor rapidly grow the hair follicle.

But what causes excessive hair loss? What are the causes of more than normal hair loss? While 100 hair loss a day is considered normal, depending on the hair life cycle, considerably more hair loss should be taken seriously and we should consult a doctor. Hair loss can have many different causes. For example, genetic hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is a localized hair loss that can be seen in men as well as in postmenopausal women. Hair loss in men most often begins at the temples, while in women, the areas of hair loss are located in different places. Another reason for hair loss is certain skin conditions where permanent and irreversible hair loss can occur. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment of the disease is very important in order to prevent permanent hair loss in time. Some people lose their hair ... for psychological reasons. After all, we all realize that nerves and stress have a detrimental effect on our health. Fortunately, hair loss can be treated with the support of a psychologist. Certain diseases that cause hormonal abnormalities, such as thyroid disease, can also cause hair loss. You may also notice more hair loss during pregnancy due to the differences in hormone levels. However, this situation is usually temporary. On the other hand, anemia is one of the most common causes of hair loss, especially in women. Therefore, treating anemia prevents hair loss. Lack of minerals such as iron and zinc in the body can also be responsible for hair loss. In such cases, you can stop hair loss by taking mineral supplements. Some of our habits can also cause hair loss - mainly irregular sleep, malnutrition, physical inactivity and stress. Bad care habits are another reason for hair loss. The wrong way to wash them, or the frequent exposure of your hair to chemicals are rather bad ideas.

What are the causes of hair loss in women? The most common causes of hair loss in women are thyroid disease, but also diabetes and iron deficiency anemia. When a woman reports to a doctor complaining of drastic hair loss, the first step is to conduct the necessary tests to determine the specific cause of hair loss. You should then verify whether the hair loss is caused by a disease, and then perform blood tests and other necessary tests to determine whether the woman's body is not deficient in vitamins such as iron, biotin and zinc, or whether it plays a key role here. thyroid disease. Taking all this into account, you can identify the real causes of excessive hair loss and start appropriate treatment to prevent it.

What is hair loss in men? The most common cause of hair loss is hair loss, which occurs as a result of the hormone testosterone, which makes the hair follicles hypersensitive. Although it occurs mainly in men, it also affects women. With this particular type of hair loss, the loss starts from the forehead, and the rate of hair loss increases proportionally with age. One of the other, most common causes of hair loss in men is the deficiency of specific elements in the diet. Vitamin B12 deficiencies, as well as iron, zinc, biotin and folic acid deficiency make the hair follicle weak, and thus weaken the strand of hair, which becomes much more prone to falling out. For this reason, sudden changes in the diet, a diet completely devoid of fruit and vegetables, or a diet low in protein are inadvisable, because the diet plays a huge role in the condition of the hair and its wrong selection negatively affects their health.

But what about children's hair loss? It also happens, not as rarely as you might think. Just like in an adult, but especially in a child, you should have a blood test as soon as possible, check for a lack of specific vitamins and minerals in his body and follow the diet recommended by a doctor, because an unhealthy diet is the most important cause of hair loss. in children. Their hair becomes thinner because they do not take the necessary vitamins and minerals from the body. However, this can be changed with the help of a doctor.

What about seasonal hair loss? Another common cause of hair loss is a type of hair loss called seasonal hair loss, which occurs especially in the transition period, when summer turns into fall. Although this process, which takes an average of about two weeks, worries many people, in fact it is as natural as possible and during its duration hair does fall out, but new ones grow in its place very quickly. Plenty of sunlight during the summer months, which directly triggers seasonal hair loss, is believed to reduce the body's production of melatonin. In the absence of melatonin, the hair strand quickly moves through the first two phases of the hair's life cycle and into the last phase. This in turn shortens the average life span of the hair, resulting in faster hair loss. In order to spot the slightest effects of seasonal hair loss on your head, it's important to increase the amount of melatonin your body produces. So, eating foods that increase melatonin production, such as pineapple, orange and banana, will work great here. In addition, eating fruit juices containing antioxidants that promote hair growth but also increase melatonin production can also help. It is also worth mentioning that research has shown that vitamin D deficiency can cause hair loss. Therefore, maintaining an adequate level of vitamin D in the body will also help in the fight against hair loss.

But what is genetic hair loss? Genetic hair loss is hair loss that begins with puberty in males or females, depending on an individual's genetic makeup. A type of male hormone called dihydrotestosterone is characterized by high genetic hair loss, which is known in society as hereditary hair loss. To put it simply: high testosterone levels trigger androgens, while high levels of androgens causes hair loss. Therefore, 90% of genetic hair loss occurs in men.

What each and every one of us can do to avoid excessive hair loss? First, we should start paying more attention to our diet. Secondly - we should visit a doctor regularly to monitor our health. Third, if we want beautiful and thick hair, we should protect it from excessive heat treatment. Fourthly, we should pay attention to how long we sleep and whether our sleep is nourishing enough, and finally, fifthly, remember about proper scalp hygiene. These are the basic steps if we want to really stop hair loss. Hair care should also be supported with vitamins and minerals such as zinc, selenium and B vitamins, which should be taken regularly with meals.

How can we prevent hair loss? For male hair loss, where the loss is controlled at an early stage, the amount of hair can be increased without the need for a hair transplant. The methods that can be used for this purpose are the reduction of dihydrotestosterone formation or the local application of various types of lotions. These methods can delay hair loss or even lead to a situation where hair loss does not happen at all.

Every body is different and if all the above options did not work, you can also reach for baldness pills and start using them immediately. They should help not only stop hair loss in a short time, but also help them grow better and faster. Remember that by choosing this type of medication yourself, we run the risk of complete hair loss, and yet our goal is to do the opposite. So it is best to get acquainted with such specifics during a consultation with a doctor who will certainly show us the best pills for us. There are quite a few preparations of this type on the market, so if we want to get positive results, let's rely on the professional knowledge of a specialist. A doctor is much better able than us to determine the type of our hair and the help they need to stop their excessive loss. So let's trust his knowledge and use only tablets that he recommends / prescribes. Soon, it may turn out that well-chosen pills, combined with a diet and proper head hygiene, will work real miracles, our hair will be as beautiful and well-groomed as never before, and we will forget about the problem of hair loss.

It is possible to stop hair loss if we diligently follow the doctor's instructions and take care of our health on a daily basis through an appropriate diet, supplements / tablets and protection of hair against factors that weaken it.

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